Small room available as a ballroom add-on, small meeting or for a ceremony.

(780) standing, (156) banquet seating, (160) ceremony
58’ x 45’
19’ 9” from the highest point in the ceiling to the floor

165” from the lowest point in the ceiling to the floor

(2) total
130” from bottom of chandelier to floor
(3) 60 Amp 208 volts 3 phase floor boxes*, (1) 200 Amp 208 volts 3 phase connection on one exterior wall

*there may be an additional fee for access to floor boxes

(2) XLR female microphone wall jacks


Additional Time or Labor needed (including holdover, changes made
after 10 days, and damages)…$40 per man hour
Additional Security needed…$30 per hour
Additional Tables & Chairs needed…$ cost to rent
White or Black Chair Covers…$2.25 each
White or Black Cocktail Table Covers…$4 each
White or Black Linen Napkins…$0.50 each
White or Black Pipe & Drape…$25 per 10′
Screen & Projector…$50 per day
Plastic Bar-ware (up to 1,000 pc)…$100
Coffee Service (per 100 people)…$50
Coatroom Attendant (as available)…$20 per hour
Storage Fee for Deliveries (up to 1 week)…$7 each package
Storage Fee for Items Left After an Event…$50 per day
Damages…$ material, vendor & labor costs
No Charge for available Easels, Podiums, Stanchions & Table Numbers



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